Latest Poll Shows Bob Dold Up By 11 Points! in Ill. 10th

From the Dold for Congress campaign (10th District)…

With just two weeks left in the campaign, the latest independent poll shows Bob with an 11 point lead over Dan Seals. The poll was released by We Ask America on Friday, October 15 and shows Bob with the lead at 50% to Dan at 39%. Click here to see full results.

We have just 15 days left to get Bob’s message out to every 10th District voter. The tremendous financial support Bob is receiving will keep his message on radio and television, allowing him to continue reaching every part of the District in these final two weeks.

Now is the time to volunteer with Team Dold and help elect Bob on November 2! Please visit or call the office at 847-251 (DOLD) to learn how you can help. Thank you for all of your support!


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  • Googling this, the Huffington Post has it 13 points the other way. I guess one can believe what one wants.

    As far as I am concerned, I told the Seals campaign what I thought last July, and my vote is already in the machine.

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