Illinois Conservatives Endorsements

About a year or so ago, young Zach Oltmanns and several of his friends created a Facebook page called Illinois Conservatives. The effort went viral locally and young Zach suddenly found himself all over TV, newspapers, and radio shows. Since then Zach has appeared at many Tea Party events and has become an in demand conservative representative. His group has gained thousands of members, too, both on Facebook and in real life in his area near Rockford, Illinois.

The group has put out a new video letting northern Illinois voters know who they support in the area.

This is a new video showing Illinois Conservative President Zach Oltmanns take on local politics. This video also shows some of the candidates we have endorsed and helped throughout the state. Local politics is so important and some local politicians try to sneak things by because they don’t think anyone is paying attention. Well WE are paying attention and we will go after them if they chose to spend OUR money recklessly.

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