Hultgren Was Tonight's Winner In St. Charles

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

ST. CHARLES – The Randy Hultgren for Congress campaign issued the following statement tonight after the League of Women Voters candidate forum in St. Charles.

“With his clearly articulated, positive vision for the future and his commonsense solutions to the problems confronting our nation’s economy and workforce, Randy Hultgren was clearly the winner in tonight’s debate,” said John Cooney, Hultgren for Congress campaign manager. “Voters have a choice between Bill Foster’s unwavering support for Nancy Pelosi’s reckless agenda of rampant spending, higher taxes and bigger government or Hultgren’s plans for limiting the size and scope of our federal government, lower taxes and responsible government. Voters in the 14th District realize that Congress is broken and that Randy Hultgren will fight to restore a commonsense approach in Washington.” I’m so excited to tell you that I just returned – victorious – from my candidate forum with Congressman Foster.

In a packed auditorium in St. Charles, I shared my positive vision for getting our economy moving again – less spending, low taxes and limited government – and contrasted it with Congressman Foster’s unwavering support for Nancy Pelosi and the liberal agenda in Washington (voting with Pelosi 93% of the time and SEIU 89% of the time over the last 3 years!).

The Foster-Pelosi agenda has been a failure for the 14th District, Illinois and our Nation… and we know it!

But Nancy Pelosi and the Washington Democrats have decided that if they defeat me, they’ll be able to hold on to power – so they’re throwing everything they’ve got at me.

A new liberal 527 group is on the air against me, telling the same lies about my job and accusing me of supporting tax increases that Bill Foster has been peddling for weeks, all in a desperate attempt to keep Nancy Pelosi in power.

I need your help to fight back!

Your donation of $100, $50, $25, $10, $5 or whatever you can afford will help me fight back against these lies and inform voters of their choices on November 2! Voters can back Bill Foster’s reckless spending and bloated government or our plan for responsible spending and smaller government.

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