Daley Buddy Not Billed for Years of Water Use

-By Warner Todd Huston

Apparently some of Daley’s buddies never paid for their water use being fortunate enough to have City Hall pick up the tab. As the era of Daley winds down these sort of stories will continue to eek out, but it shows the illicit nature of the Daley Democrat machine in the crooked city of Chicago.

The Sun Times reported that Daley pal and current guest with the prison system Fred Bruno Barbara went years without being billed for the water use at his block-long garage in the city’s first ward. For nearly 20 years the city has been paying for the water since Barbara’s garage was on the “charitable account” payments list at City Hall.

Once the Times alerted the world to the story, though, suddenly a bill for $31,079 was sent off the the crook’s place of business with City Hall claiming it was a “mistake.”

When King Daley was asked at a recent press conference why the city has been paying his pal’s water bill for 20 years, the mayor barked, “How should I know?”

Typical response.

For Daley’s buddies it is also the sort of typically, corrupt, Democrat scheme that is repeated all over the city at every level of government.

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