Chicago Tribune Endorses Robert Dold (10th District)

From the Dold for Congress campaign (10th District)…

We’re thrilled to share with you the news that the Chicago Tribune endorsed Bob today! After outlining the two candidates’ position on major issues the Tribune ended the endorsement with, “we’re convinced [Dold] will be in the moderate, pro-choice, independent mold of Kirk. And Dold will take a much firmer line on out-of-control federal spending than Seals. Dold is endorsed.” Click here to read the full endorsement.

This is the second time the Tribune has endorsed Bob. In its primary endorsement it said, “Congress needs more people who genuinely understand what it takes to put people to work — and how government puts up roadblocks to employment. Dold makes a convincing argument that he does” and “would bring a fresh, common-sense perspective to government.” Click here to read the full primary endorsement.

The Tribune recognizes that Bob is a thoughtful social moderate who will focus on creating jobs and cutting spending. We are so pleased with this recognition and the endorsement.

With a stellar fundraising number, key endorsements from Senator John McCain and former Governor Jim Edgar, and now the Tribune endorsement, it’s been a very good week! The momentum keeps growing and will take us through Election Day!

Thank you for all of your support.

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