Brady for Governor: 'We couldn't spend enough?'

From the Bill Brady for Illinois Governor campaign…

“In a nutshell, Quinn wants to raise your taxes; Brady wants to cut state spending. Taxpayers who want a new, fiscally conservative direction for Illinois should vote for Brady.”

That’s what yesterday’s Belleville News Democrat editorial said in endorsing our campaign to put Illinois back to work, and back on track!
And, just today, the Daily Herald also endorsed Bill Brady, saying Illinois needs bold new leaders, not political insiders. Brady “is committed to a philosophy that the state cannot spend what it does not have” and “believes strongly in transparency in government.”

Meanwhile, Pat Quinn thinks Bill’s vision for cutting state spending, fighting job-killing taxes, and for making government live within its means is, “nonsense.”

Do you?

We don’t, either. Neither do a fast-growing number of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats across Illinois standing with Bill Brady. That’s why an exciting new, independent poll by the legendary Paul Simon Institute at Southern Illinois University shows Bill continues to lead political insider Pat Quinn.

But we can’t stop now. With only three weeks until voters head to the polls and stand up against the tax and spend crowd in Springfield, Pat Quinn and his big government allies in Washington are making their last stand to protect politics as usual.

Today, they’re dispatching Vice President Joe Biden from Washington to Chicago to defend Pat Quinn’s plan for a massive tax hike on the people of Illinois. This is the same Joe Biden who recently said we should spend MORE of our tax dollars, and actually declared the federal stimulus, “didn’t do enough because we couldn’t spend enough…”

“We couldn’t spend enough?”

We can’t afford Pat Quinn’s reckless spending anymore, and we’ve had enough.

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