Black Professionals of Illinois Endorse Senator Bill Brady for Governor of Illinois

From Black Professionals of Illinois…

CHICAGO – Illinois is the laughing stock of the country with its “pay to play” politics and corrupt politicians. The Black Professionals of Illinois want to see this state back on the right track. To do so, we need a governor who is unafraid to stand up against “business as usual” and who will act in the best interest of the people of Illinois .

“The Facebook organization, ‘Black Professionals of Illinois,’ is supporting Sen. Bill Brady, not only for his business experience, legislative choices, and solid work ethic; but, also for his plan to put Illinois back on the right track,” said Gianno Caldwell, Director and co founder of the Black Professionals of Illinois. Bill Brady has earned the support of the Black Professionals of Illinois and appears credible in his campaign promise to not raise taxes. His opponent Pat Quinn has feverishly proposed and advocated for a state income tax increase of fifty percent. We believe this is unfair and unsupportive of working class families in Illinois as well as small business owners, who are currently struggling with the rising cost of living expenses.

As a state Senator, Bill Brady has worked with Sen. James Meeks (Spiritual Leader of the south side Chicago church – House of Hope) and others on issues like school vouchers. We like the idea of having a choice in the matter of which school we send our children to. We like Bill Brady’s private sector experience. As business professionals, we believe Bill Brady will bring jobs back to Illinois , streamline government and control spending.

We need a governor dedicated to putting Illinois back to work. We believe that Bill Brady can do this not only for the Black Professionals of Illinois, but for everyone.

The Black Professionals of Illinois is a Facebook organization designed to network with not only black professionals but all professionals across the state of Illinois. The organization was founded in October 2010, growing its membership to nearly 150 members in a matter of days.

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