Bill's Boondoggle: Multibillion Dollar 'Stimulus' Still A Failure

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

ST. CHARLES – The Randy Hultgren for Congress campaign issued the following statement today regarding the so-called ‘stimulus,’ a failed piece of legislation supported wholeheartedly by Bill Foster.

“Friday’s dismal jobs report, revealing that 95,000 more Americans lost their jobs and that unemployment remained stagnantly high at almost 10 percent, is a further reminder of the failure of Bill’s boondoggle, Congressman Foster’s so-called ‘stimulus,'” said Gill Stevens, spokesman for the Hultgren campaign. “We were promised that if the ‘stimulus’ was passed, unemployment would never go above 8 percent – but for seventeen consecutive months, unemployment has exceeded 9 percent. “And closer to home, it’s clear that Bill’s boondoggle has failed to deliver. Through the end of June, it created less than 600 jobs in the 14th District, and each of these cost taxpayers more than $669,000 dollars. Moreover, the cost of the ‘stimulus’ – expected to be $787 billion when it was enacted – has now surpassed $1.1 trillion.

“Bill Foster may be a successful millionaire scientist, but his trillion-dollar experiment in big government spending just didn’t work out and he doesn’t seem to know what will get our economy moving. Thankfully, Randy Hultgren does know what it will take: low taxes, reasonable regulations, and a pro-growth environment that will give employers the confidence to invest and expand.”

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