Bill Foster: A Lockstep Vote For Nancy Pelosi's Big-Spending Agenda

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

ST. CHARLES – The Randy Hultgren for Congress campaign issued the following statement today regarding Bill Foster’s steadfast support for Nancy Pelosi’s big-spending agenda, after Foster once again voted to keep the money flowing. “Congressman Foster’s vote last night to keep on spending wastefully, without a budget, is just more of the same from Big Spending Bill, who has voted for every spending bill since he went to Washington,” said Gill Stevens, a spokesman for the Hultgren campaign. “Bill Foster’s record of voting with Nancy Pelosi 92.6% of the time has been well-documented, but even more troubling is his 100% record when it comes to wasteful spending.[1] Even more outrageous than his support for the Pelosi agenda is his attempts to hoodwink voters: Bill Foster has regularly trumpeted his opposition to the Democrats’ big-spending budgets while still voting for those hundreds of billions of dollars in wasteful government spending.

“Voting against the budget and for the underlying spending bills is the height of irresponsibility – it’s spending like a drunken sailor today with no plans for tomorrow. Bill Foster’s lockstep support for Pelosi’s big-spending agenda is demonstrates just how out of touch he is with his constituents’ concerns about our fiscal future.”

[1] “Votes Database,” The Washington Post,, Accessed 9/30/10.

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