10/13 "Moneybomb" for Rev. Hayes For Congress (2nd District)

From the Midwest Regional College Republicans on behalf of Hayes for Congress…

This is the year for GOP pick-ups in [what were once] “safe” Democrat seats! In the last comparable year (1994), Chicago powerhouse Dan Rostenkowski was [shockingly!!] defeated for re-election, by his Republican opponent. [LA Times: GOP ‘David’ knocks off ‘Goliath’]

We now have another situation, in which a scandal plagued Democrat Congressman can be ousted.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. has a 72% UNFAVORABLE rating!

Leading pollster & analyst Dick Morris said that IL’s 2nd Congressional district is now in play due to the amazing effort of GOP nominee Rev. Isaac C. Hayes, and the sex and dirty money scandals of incumbent Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Rev. Hayes needs your help to defeat this dirty pol — go to www.isaac4honesty.com to make a donation or volunteer now!!

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