Unions Retreat on Criticism of Dems That Didn't Support Obamacare

-By Warner Todd Huston

Earlier in this election cycle unions were pumped up with an assumed sense of supreme power, they had spent millions to elect their guy to the White House and they were ready to flex their muscles. Unions began to direct that assumed power against Democrats that were reticent to support Obama’s takeover of our healthcare system. In some early primaries unions spoke out against these so-called Blue-dog Democrats and said they would not support them but at the other end of this primary season unions are singing a different tune.

With the obvious downturn in support that Democrats have seen in these primaries and in the polls of American voters unions have gotten the hint (like a club over the head) that the arrogance they evinced of daring to attack Democrats for not having a pure enough devotion to union ideals was maybe not such a great idea.

Some may recall that unions railed against Arkansas’s Blanche Lincoln when she refused to support card check, in Pennsylvania unions refused to support Democrat Tim Holden, and in North Carolina unions wanted to start their own political party just to spite local Democrats that weren’t left-wing enough for them.

Unions, once sure they could force Democrats to toe the line, are now backing off their criticism of Blue-dog Democrats and instead are suddenly supporting them. The Hill notes that unions are now supporting Democrats they were only months ago criticizing.

Unions are finally just beginning to get the idea that they are in a losing situation and are backing off the arrogance in which they only recently wallowed. This is yet one more example that points to a Republican victory in November.

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