The Fall Campaign Starts Today with Reforms & Respect

From Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady…

The Illinois Republican Party’s slate of candidates will work to reform Illinois state government, restore the state’s sinking economy and return respect and integrity to Springfield in November.

There is hope for our state, and as bad as it’s been under the Blagojevich and Quinn Administrations, we must not lose heart.

This campaign is about what Republicans will do to erase our deficits, get our state’s economy moving and put people back to work. Voters have a real choice this fall: more of the same Democratic control or real, honest reforms that Republicans will fight for if given the opportunity.

We have released an inspiring video on entitled “We Are Illinois.” The stirring montage of images highlights the state’s beauty, its people and the Republican promise to make the American Dream a reality for Illinois residents.

This is a clear message that we’ll be telling all fall. Republicans are deeply committed to making Illinois a great state once again, but we cannot do it without electing Mark Kirk to the U.S. Senate, Bill Brady as the next Governor and our congressional and statewide candidates to office.

We have launched a major voter identification and get-out-the-vote campaign during the summer called Illinois Victory. Offices and phone banks are busy across the state in what’s been one of the most successful statewide GOP organizations in the country. You can sign up to volunteer at one of our Victory Centers or our Phone from Home Program at You can also help support our efforts by making a donation at


Pat Brady
Chairman, Illinois Republican Party

P.S. – Please help spread the word by forwarding this email to at least five of your friends or family and by posting our video and volunteer links on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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