Pot Smoking Gov't Motors Car Builders Actually Fired

-By Warner Todd Huston

Monday Government Motors (GM) took a hard line against the drunken, pot smoking union members that became the unwitting star of a news expose in Detroit last week firing the partiers.

All 13 employees were fired after being shown on WJBK, Fox 2 News Detroit drinking and smoking pot in a local park on their lunch break.

This answers the question of just how much protection the union would be able to afford the employees at least initially. Many assumed that they’d get the typical union slap on the wrist, maybe a suspension, but be back to work like normal soon enough.

No word if the employees will appeal this decision.

In a statement released today, Chrysler said:

“It is unfortunate that the actions of a few people have called into question the reputation of more than 51,000 very proud, hard-working Chrysler Group employees, grateful that the American and Canadian taxpayers gave us a second chance,” they said. “We take that responsibility very seriously and will work to restore the public’s faith.”

The union has yet to address this newest development.

If Chysler thinks the actions of these 13 have been unfortunate enough to call into question the reputation of the whole kit and kaboodle, I wonder what they think of what Obama has done to them?

*Updated to clarify. I was calling Chrysler “Government Motors” because of the bailout but did not intend to convey that Chrysler itself WAS General Motors.

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