Pollak for Congress Town Hall in Park Ridge (9th District)

From the Pollak for Congress campaign (9th District)…

PARK RIDGE, IL – Joel Pollak, Republican candidate for the 9th Congressional district of Illinois, will hold his third town hall meeting on Thursday, September 16th from 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. The meeting is open to all, will be held in Park Ridge at the South Park Recreation Center at 833 Talcott Ave.

The meeting will be hosted by FOX News Contributor and radio host on Chicago’s WYLL radio, Sandy Rios.
“While Jan Schakowsky mocks with derision and laughs with glee at the thought of destroying the American healthcare system, Joel Pollak brings a serious and able intellect to restoring it. This long ago ceased to be a battle between Republicans and Democrats…it is a fight for the survival of the nation,” said Rios, who is the President of Culture Campaign. “Destructive Leftists like Jan Schakowsky must go and candidates who will fight FOR this country like Joel Pollak must prevail.”

A serious challenger to decades of single party domination, Joel is offering a fresh start, well-conceived, practical, non-ideological solutions to the problems of our time–recession, pervasive joblessness, escalating government debt, increasingly brazen foreign enemies and increasingly anxious foreign friends. This town hall is one of a series for Joel to hear what is on the minds of all the voices in this diverse district that ranges from Evanston to Des Plaines.


At previous town halls in Evanston and Skokie, he fielded hard questions and sometimes passionate arguments from both supporters and devotees of his opponent. On the massive unemployment in the nation in the district, Joel advocated the following positions:

“Job creation must be Congress’s most urgent priority. I will propose an investment tax credit and lower business taxes and capital gains taxes to help businesses invest in new capital to create new jobs. . . I will oppose laws and government interference that hurts economic recovery and destroy jobs. . . We need to show entrepreneurs that the U.S. is once again a nation committed to free enterprise, job creation and economic growth.”

Joel will answer every question, down to the very last one. Like previous town halls, this promises to be a packed house.

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