Let's Honor Illinois Workers by Putting Them Back to Work

From the Illinois Chamber of Commerce…

What Issues Are Most Important to You?

Dear Friends,

This Labor Day weekend, Illinois legislators will out in full force, claiming to be pro-jobs.

But we know better. If they are all pro-jobs — then why do we have such a dismal jobs climate? Why does our economy continue to suffer? Claiming to be pro-jobs isn’t enough. The best way to honor Illinois workers this Labor Day is by advocating policies that put them back to work.

In recent weeks, we’ve invited you to view the voting records of your legislators to see if they’ve supported Illinois jobs and prosperity.

The list of policies that Illinois needs to restore prosperity is certainly long. But we’d like to hear from you.

Which of the following issues do you think is most important to restoring prosperity in Illinois? Please click on one or more of the below to learn more about our position and efforts on each of these issues:

Thank you for your time and interest – and for letting us know which issues are most important to you.

Illinois is at a crossroads, and your grassroots efforts are vital to determining our state’s future.

Together, we can and will restore prosperity here in the Prairie State.


Todd Maisch
Vice President, Government Affairs
Illinois Chamber of Commerce

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