Country Club, RINO Republicans Throwing Temper Tantrums

-By Warner Todd Huston

One of the interesting things of this election cycle has been to see what sore losers RINOS and country club Republicans are becoming. Since the Tea Party Movement has been throwing establishment GOPers out right and left (or maybe that’s let and left) some of them have responded with petulance instead of accepting the will of the voters.

In fact we’ve been seeing quite a few little tantrums thrown by the RINO set as voters have been turning against them.

Recall that “Benedict” Arlen Specter had to jump parties because Republican Pat Toomey was encroaching on the privilege that Specter assumed he’d earned. Once it became clear that Toomey was the GOP choice, Specter petulantly snubbed him and no support was forthcoming from supposedly life-long Republican Specter. In New York’s 23rd we saw a back room deal set Dede Scozzafava up to become the candidate for the GOP nod for Congress there. But the Republican voters had another idea and gave their votes to independent conservative Doug Hoffman instead. Who did “Republican” Scozzafava endorse after the dust settled? She endorsed the Democrat. Temper, temper, little RINO.

A look down in Florida will remind us of Charlie Crist’s flip flopping and struggling campaign. The supposedly Republican Crist was so mad at Tea Party supported Marco Rubio that Crist ended up not supporting what the voters clearly wanted. He decided to thumb his nose at them by running for Senate as an “independent.” A little tantrum that is making him look like a fool if his low, low poll ratings can be believed.

Then over in Delaware, RINO Republican Mike Castle lost to Tea Party insurgent Christine O’Donnell losing his long-held seat in Congress. Is Castle being the bigger man, accepting the voter’s choice, and supporting his party? Uh, nope. Castle is sulking and reusing to endorse the flag bearer for his own party. Let’s throw a pity party for Mikey.

And now in Alaska loser Lisa Murkowski is on the outs with her own voters who picked Tea Party backed Joe Miller. Is she retiring gracefully and sticking with her party like a loyal member should? No siree, Murkowski is launching an ill-advised write-in candidacy for herself. One wonders if like a ten-year-old child she told her staff that she was going to hold her breath until she got her seat back.

Pile on top of that an establishment creature like Karl Rove who is apoplectic that voters in Delaware refused to back RINO Castle, a candidate that Rove worked to get reelected. Is Rove backing the party choice? Apparently not. He’s running the RINO path and constantly doubling and re-doubling down on his loud criticism of the party nominee simply because she isn’t establishment enough to suit him.

And then we have the idiotic move by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. On the very night that O’Donnell won her nomination to Congress, the NRSC petulantly announced that it wouldn’t give her a penny. The backlash was immediate and the very next morning the NRSC reversed itself and sullenly gave O’Donnell its support.

What are we seeing here? Do we see this sort of nonsense on the Democrat side? Do they constantly run as “independents” or refuse to support their party when they lose? Not so much. But here are these RINOS so furious that the voters have turned them out that they are willing to allow the Democrats to win, they are all fired up to act the spoiler, just so that the person that is clearly the choice of Republican voters will lose.

Are all these temper tantrums really all an effort to support the “most electable candidate,” i.e. the RINO? Or is this a RINO protection racket we are seeing? All I know is that in many cases this year the voters are speaking for the Tea Party-styled candidates, those candidates that stand for real conservative values. Yet the country club set, the RINO faction is standing in the way of the will of the voters.

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