Chicago Trib's State Senate Campaign Endorsements

-By Warner Todd Huston

“Change will come to Illinois only if change comes to the Illinois General Assembly,” so says the Chicago Tribune as it lays out the “change” they hope to see on election day this November.

The Trib is feeling a tad anti-incumbent, it appears, as they’ve endorsed some challengers for the state senate in Springfield.

Here are the Republicans that the Trib is endorsing:
10th District (Northwest Side) Brian Doherty
19th District (Southwest suburbs) Adam Wojcik
22nd District (Northwest suburbs) Steve Rauschengberger
24th District (West suburbs) Chris Lauzen
28th District (Northwest suburbs) John Milner
31st District (North suburbs) Suzi Schmidt

The Democrat the Trib endorsed is Heather Steans of the 7th District.

Interesting in that some of these names are challengers. Schmidt is a challenger of Democratic incumbent Michael Bond, Rauschenberger is the challenger of incumbent Mike Noland, and Wojick is the GOP challenger of incumbent Maggie Crotty. The incumbents the Trib endorsed are Chris Lauzen, John Milner and Heather Steans.

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