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From Americans for Prosperity…

Americans for Prosperity Launches Grassroots Effort Against Schillerstrom’s Proposal to Borrow $70 million From DuPage County Taxpayers

-A mobile billboard critical of Schillerstrom’s proposal runs TODAY-

CHICAGO – While concerns about rising public debt and out of spending is at an all-time high, you’d expect elected officials to give pause before approving any plans to increase the debt obligation of government and further burden taxpayers.

This unfortunately does not appear to be the case with the DuPage County government. DuPage County Board Chairman Bob Schillerstrom is once again pushing his board to approve a massive capital plan that will ultimately cost DuPage taxpayers nearly $125 million. Out of nearly two-dozen projects, only five are road projects that will actually improve the county’s infrastructure.

As part of Americans for Prosperity’s mission to educate and empower citizens, Americans for Prosperity is engaging in a grassroots effort to oppose Schillerstrom’s proposal to borrow $70 million for capital improvements. Today, Americans for Prosperity has notified Chairman Schillerstrom and his county board members of our opposition to this massive borrowing and spending plan.

“It’s hard to believe that a fiscally conservative county government would consider approving this massive spending plan. You would think they would’ve have learned from the mistakes of our failing state government and federal government’s borrow and spend policies. We must force our elected officials to be responsible and stop using taxpayer dollars as their own personal credit cards” said Joe Calomino, state director of Americans for Prosperity- Illinois.

Please contact your DuPage County Board member today and tell them to vote NO on the $70 million bond proposal or attend the next DuPage County Board meeting:

Vote on Bonding Proposal:
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
11:30 AM
421 N. County Farm Road
Third floor
Wheaton, Illinois


Joe Calomino
State Director AFP-IL

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