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Congressman Aaron Schock to Endorse Schilling

From the Schilling for Congress campaign (17th District)… Both will be available to media at 6pm on Sunday, October 3rd at 986 15th St. Ct. N. in Andalusia EAST MOLINE, IL–The Bobby Schilling campaign is pleased to announce that Congressman Aaron Schock of the 18th District in Illinois will be endorsing Bobby Schilling in his... Read more »

Illinois Congresswoman MOCKS the Tea Party

From the Palatine Tea Party… (Palatine, Illinois) – Representative Melissa Bean (D) Illinois 8th district MOCKS the Tea Party. Bean said the following to the Daily Herald on February 19, 2010. As for the tea party rallies and organizations, Bean bristled at calling it a “movement”. 1 Bean went on to mention Obama’s inauguration, “I... Read more »

Ill. Ranks Second After California for Worst Financial Shape in Country

-By Warner Todd Huston According to Bloomberg News, “Meredith Whitney, the analyst who correctly predicted Citigroup Inc.’s dividend cut in 2008, will release a report rating California’s financial condition as the worst among the 15 largest U.S. states.” Illinois ranks second in the worst category. After California, New Jersey, Illinois and Ohio tie as the... Read more »

Video: Spending Just Got Personal

This is a pretty inventive way to relate polling figures, I have to say. This one was made by Seven out of ten voters say government spending is too high and 68 percent say spending is affecting them personally, according to a bipartisan ten-state poll we sponsored. Our fans told us they love the... Read more »

After Denial, Anti-American Faculty of UIC to Fight For Bill Ayers's Emeritus Status

-By Warner Todd Huston The leaders of the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago are weighing whether they will wade into the fray and come to the aid of a terrorist. Last week the board of UIC denied domestic terrorist and close Obama confidant William Ayers the emeritus status he sought upon his... Read more »

Consumer Confidence Drops to Lowest Level Since February

From the Schilling for Congress… Schilling: “We need to elect new leadership that will turn this country around.” EAST MOLINE, IL–Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, commented on a recent report that consumer confidence had dropped to its lowest level since February. The Conference Board stated that their monthly Consumer... Read more »

Send Your Kids to 'Camp Politics'

The Institute for Justice has tried its hand at some satire and political commentary with pleasing results… Too much in there is a “sad but true” proposition.

As Obama Pretends at Its Freedom, His Gov't Plans Takeover of Internet

-By Warner Todd Huston In an address to the United Nations on Thursday, Sept. 23, President Obama pledged to preserve a “free and open Internet” and would call out nations that censored content. In a veiled reference to China and other nations that censor the Internet, Obama said that a civil society fosters open government.... Read more »

The Coming Staples Mausoleum/Stadium

-By Warner Todd Huston Even as supporters claim they won’t need subsidies, it is more likely that L.A. is about to plunge itself forever into debt with a new stadium, the Staples Center. A look at just about any other convention center, or stadium in the country easily shows that these projects seldom pay for... Read more »

Alexi Tells Voters He Was No Banker, But Claims to IRS He Was

-By Warner Todd Huston It’s almost like a bad Riddler quip from TVs Adam West Batman show: When is a banker not a banker? Well, apparently the Illinois Democrat candidate for Senate, Alexi “the Mob Banker” Giannoulias, is trying his hand at the riddle. He’s constantly told the voters that he was not employed by... Read more »