Sharron Angle Ad: Nevada's Property Rates Plummeted Under Harry Reid

-By Warner Todd Huston

Sharron Angle released her newest TV ad slamming Harry Reid for presiding over the falling home values in Nevada.

Over the last few weeks the Angle campaign has seen an influx of new, more veteran campaign wranglers head out to Nevada to help in her campaign.

There have been a lot of complaints just after her primary win that the Angle campaign was reticent to listen to folks outside her own circle and opportunities have been lost to push her message successfully. She’s made some small errors but perhaps this loose campaign is tightening up.

Recently Angle has taken on some more seasoned campaigners. Jerrod Agen formerly of Rudy Giuliani’s campaign signed onto to Team Angle and last month she took on some other more seasoned hands such as John Yobb and other consultants.

Angle is no where near out of the race, though, despite some bumps in her efforts thus far. Polls show she is about even with Harry Reid so she has a lot of time to roar back and capture the seat. Polls showing the two at a tossup is really far worse news for Reid than it is for Angle. For an incumbent to be even with an opponent traditionally augers ill for the incumbent’s chances of re-election.

It would be quite an event if Republicans could “Daschle” the Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate, for sure.

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