Right Nation 2010 Features Training Conference

Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party Independents Prepare for Victory Six Weeks Before November Election

CHICAGO – As part of the Right Nation 2010 effort to prepare candidates, activists, volunteers and leaders for the final six weeks before the November election, nationally-recognized speakers and grassroots groups will be at the Right Nation 2010 Conference to train Midwest conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party independents to win. Groups such as American Majority, Americans for Prosperity, Leadership Institute, Freedom Works and others will present high-level seminars on such topics as “getting out the vote,” “using social networking to energize the base,” and “how to deal with the media in the run-up to the election.”

The daylong conference will lead up to the evening extravaganza at the Sears Centre Arena, where Glenn Beck and other nationally recognized personalities from politics, media and entertainment will join the crowd in support of 2010 candidates and to build unity on the Right.

For more information and to purchase tickets for the conference and the evening convention, go to www.RightNation2010.com.

About Right Nation 2010:
Right Nation 2010 is a joint venture of Republican, conservative, libertarian, free market, and Tea Party independent organizations and individuals, facilitated by the 75 year-old United Republican Fund.

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