Ratowitz, 5th District: Blagojevich jury hung on 27 counts, convicts on one count

From the Ratowitz fo Congress campaign (5th District)…

U.S. Congressional Candidate, David Ratowitz (IL-5) reacts to Blagojevich corruption verdict: “Jury has put ball in voters’ court”.

Chicago, IL, June 24, 2010- Long time transparency and pro-liberty advocate Candidate for U.S. Congress from Illinois’ 5th Congressional District, David Ratowitz expresses disappointment in the Blagojevich verdict, claims jury “threw the ball back into the voters’ court”. “Like many Illinoisans, I am disappointed with the jury’s verdict in the Blagojevich trial. Many people had hoped the Blagojevich jury would do the hard work of cleansing Illinois politics of scandal and corruption, but they have declined to do so, instead they have put the responsibility for cleaning up politics back where it belongs: with the voters”, said Ratowitz this evening from his Chicago office.

The jury in the Blagojevich corruption trial returned a verdict today of guilty on one count but could not reach a decision on 27 other counts. The jury had deliberated for fourteen days.

“It is natural to want someone else to tackle the gravest of problems, but this jury has stated definitively that if voters want to remove scandal and corruption from politics they must do so at the ballot box November 2nd”, said Ratowitz.

“It is time for voters to purge our government of corrupt politicians and those who tolerate and enable those corrupt politicians”, claimed Ratowitz.

Entrepreneur, Army veteran and activist David Ratowitz is the Republican challenger for Illinois Congressional District 5 representative. The Ratowitz for Congress campaign platform advocates a limited federal government, across-the-board tax cuts, fiscal discipline, accountability, free markets and individual liberty. Learn more at www.ratowitzforcongress.com.

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