More Taxes and Less Jobs, Enough is Enough -- Let's Stop the Overtaxation on September 18th!

The Democrats are showing their true colors once again. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has plans to increase the Illinois income tax — continuing his policy of killing jobs and stagnating the economy.

In a recent Bloomberg article, the Illinois budget director shined the light on Quinns tax increase plan:

“Lawmakers will likely increase the personal tax to 5 percent from 3 percent, generating $6 billion of new revenue,” the budget director, David Vaught, said in an interview.

Are you tired of defending your family and community from overtaxation and overspending by out-of-touch politicians?

Then join us September 18 at Right Nation 2010 and lets take back our economy.

Our current economic climate is bad and increased taxation will only make it worse.

The American people are now demanding real solutions and Right Nation 2010 will represent the voice of the Midwest — sending a clear message to Governor Quinn and liberals in Washington to stop killing our economy, and instead protect and create jobs to put hard working Americans back to work.

We have the wind at our backs–real political change will come in November. We must ensure the Democrats don’t get the chance to come back and tax us into oblivion.

Register or become a sponsor for Right Nation 2010 and help us to reclaim the Midwest and forever change its political landscape.

Governor Quinn’s plan to increase the Illinois income tax to 5% is further proof that the Democrats only care about growing the size and power of government — not creating jobs and rebuilding the economy.

Dennis LaComb
Executive Director
United Republican Fund

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