Meet Adam Baumgartner, GOP Candidate for the State Senate (40th District)

A note from the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee of Illinois…

During the past year, Illinois’ debt and bill backlogs have continued to climb, even as state spending continues virtually unchecked. The state’s Democrat leaders response is to push for tax increases and increased borrowing as a way to solve Illinois’ fiscal problems. As a small business owner, Adam Baumgartner knows that increasing taxes and revenue gimmicks are not the way for Illinois to rebuild its economy.

The owner of six businesses employing more than 50 people, Springfield needs Adam’s job-creating skills and commonsense approach to management. As Director of the Peotone Chamber of Commerce, he understands the impact burdensome taxes and fees have on the state’s business community–and, as a result, the state’s economy.
Still, Adam knows Illinois is a great state with unlimited potential. He also understands that only by attracting employers and putting people to work, will Illinois return to prosperity.

If you agree that creating jobs and attracting business to Illinois is the kind of sensible attitude towards governance Illinois needs, then please make an immediate contribution to help elect Adam Baumgartner to the 40th Senate District.

On the other hand, incumbent Toi Hutchinson has supported failed budget policies that have contributed to the state’s fiscal chaos. Hutchinson and her colleagues have continually failed to implement reasonable economic reforms that would save the state hundreds of millions of dollars.

By electing Adam, you support levelheaded ideas to reduce the cost of government, such as privatizing state services to reduce overspending. He also believes Illinois needs to identify–and cut–unnecessary taxpayer-funded programs.

Please support Adam’s candidacy by making an immediate contribution of $40 to help elect him in the 40th Senate District!

It’s time for a practical approach to running state government. Adam knows that reducing waste in state government, and helping establish a thriving business community is the way to rebuild Illinois’ economy.

Thank you for your support in helping elect Adam Baumgartner to the 40th Senate District! Your backing will help bring practical experience to the Illinois Statehouse.

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