Join Me on Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Conservatism! Tonight, 8PM Central

Once again we take to the BlogTalkRadio airwaves for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Conservatism tonight at 8PM Central time.

Tonight it’s another one of our easy going yet vastly entertaining and educational British Rock nights with our very own Doctor of Rockology, Gus Grizwald, examining the dynamic, mysterious and ultimately tragic story of London record producer, Joe Meek, and his incredible journey through rock history from his very beginnings bucking the BBC Tin Pan Alley types to using his flat’s bathroom as a sound studio for its organic echo to producing Britain’s first international rock hit, the eerie and evocative Telstar.

Join me, Warner Todd Huston, and my co-host, Ann “Babe” Huggett, tonight. And if you miss the show, you can always download it for FREE!!

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