John Garrido for 45th Ward Alderman

Think about the opportunity to have an Alderman on the city council who will:

  • Actually read city ordinances and raise common sense questions before voting on them;
  • Demand resources for public safety by properly staffing and equipping the Chicago Police and Fire Departments;
  • Speak out against selling off any more of our precious assets like they did with our parking meters and the skyway;
  • Be an advocate for small businesses who can bring jobs and revenue to our neighborhoods;
  • Never vote for a tax increase, but instead demand we properly manage our resources;
  • Welcome citizen interaction and work closely with neighborhood associations to rebuild and develop our Ward.

This is our chance to add to the growing independence on the city council and give true representation to the citizens of Chicago.

It s time for Real Change in our City Government and it starts today!

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Or consider sending a check to:

Citizens for Garrido
6348 N. Milwaukee #110
Chicago, IL 60646

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