It's All In The Family In Suburban McCook

From the office of Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica…

In the small suburban Cook County village of McCook it’s all about hiring as many relatives to the village payroll as possible.

It is mind-boggling to find out that a village as small as McCook (only 250 residents) — has at least 12 relatives of Mayor Jeffery Tobolski, including his own wife who work or contract for something with the village of McCook. Compared to the 250 residents — the village has added a staggering amount of the mayor’s personal family members to the village payroll.

I am glad to inform you that the Chicago media has recognized this abuse to Cook County taxpayers — and last night CBS 2 News did a report highlighting the family patronage that is happening in the suburban town of McCook.

From the police station to the public library — you can find a family member of Mayor Tobolski on the village payroll.

I am sickend when I see taxpayer money wasted year after year on the unnecessary jobs and positions just to keep someboby’s nephew, mother, sister paid.

Check out the video below from my interview on last nights CBS 2 News report.

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  • Yes, but are those jobs really unnecessary?

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