In 2004 Illegal Alien Votes Illegally, in 2010 Feds Making Him A Citizen

-By Warner Todd Huston

In Cookeville, Tennessee we see a perfect example of all that is wrong in both our immigration and electoral systems.

In 2004, an illegal immigrant voted illegally in Tennessee’s Putnam County. He showed false identification and a stolen Soc. Sec. number. But in 2010 the federal government is asking Tennessee officials to help smooth this illegal’s way to citizenship by ignoring past crimes.

Putnam County administrator of elections Debbie Steidl seems pretty annoyed by the whole situation. This illegal immigrant even went to her and signed an affidavit admitting that he voted illegally but he also presented the election official with a letter from the Department of Homeland Security demanding that she purge his name from the 2004 voting records. You see, unless his name is purged he cannot seek legal citizenship because he has this illegal act on his record.

The frustrated County official said this illegal immigrant, “is being enabled. And that’s what bothered me more than anything!”

Naturally the court is siding with the illegal saying that his illegal act has exceeded the statute of limitations for vote fraud.

But here is the thing: it doesn’t matter if the statute of limitations for vote fraud has been exceeded or not. No one is prosecuting him for vote fraud. The question being considered is if he should be allowed to become a citizen. The answer is no and the solution is immediate deportation of this long-time criminal, not coddling and a free pass to citizenship.

This incident shows a complete breakdown in our electoral system, our courts, and our immigration system as well as the Dept. of Homeland Security… not to mention common sense.

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