Illinois 11th District, Dem. Halvorson Fires Campaign Manager

-By Warner Todd Huston

Congressman Debbie Halvorson of the Illinois 11th District has fired the campaign manager that has been with her since the start of the campaign.

Last month first termer Halvosrson was embarrassed by campaign manager Travis Worl when he sent a letter to the U.S. Air Force challenging the military status of Captain Adam Kinzinger, Halvorson’s Republican opponent. Worl complained to the Air Force that Kinzinger’s website bio said that he “is” flying missions in Iraq when clearly Kinzinger was now at home and running an election campaign for congress. But Kinzinger pointed out that the bio was written during his service and just wasn’t updated to “was” flying missions.

Worl’s complaints were rather silly and pointless and embarrassed the Halvorson campaign when Kinzinger’s staff made Worl’s absurd requests public.

Halvorson says that the incident had nothing to do with Worl’s dismissal, naturally, but no reason for the firing was offered.

With less than three months of campaigning left this is an odd time to get rid of a campaign manager for “unstated” reasons!

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