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From the Illinois Policy Institute…

Put it All on Red!
Last week, the White House released a cartoon video explaining their new financial reform package and the causes of the current financial crisis. Apparently, the banks took your money, jaunted over to the casino, and blew all your money on roulette. Sadly, it’s not surprising to see the government accepting no responsibility for its role in this crisis. Watch the video above. The Turnaround Starts Tuesday!
For years, Illinois politicians have driven our state in the wrong direction–a direction that’s leading us to financial ruin. It’s time we try a different (and better) path. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish with the Illinois Turnaround Tour. We’ve decked out a bus (see image below) and are driving around the state next week and the week after to send a message to Springfield! On Tuesday, August 17, we are taking the tour to Decatur and on Thursday, we are going to be at the State Fair. The week after, we are in Schaumburg and Joliet. For details on future Turnaround events, click here.

Conference Call Kickoff
Join us at 7 p.m. on Monday night for a statewide tele-townhall call with Institute CEO John Tillman and other speakers. We’ll detail the specifics of the Turnaround Plan, and you will find out how to get involved. Call in information: (888) 886-6603 Ext.15327#

Income Tax Increase in January?
That’s what Illinois Budget Director David Vaught said will happen: a tax increase between the November election and the swearing-in of the new General Assembly. Stand with us to ensure this shady tax grab isn’t tolerated. Ask your legislator to sign the Illinois Honest Taxation pledge!

Frogs, Chicken, and Fine Art
Your tax dollars are funding programs to fund “teacher training workshops” in those three, and several other, areas through the Environment and Nature Training Institute for Conversation Education (ENTICE). Worse yet, in recent years the funding for ENTICE has stayed relatively constant, while the number of enrollees in the program has fallen dramatically. Read about it in the latest Spotlight on Spending.

What’s Cooking in Springfield
On Wednesday, August 25, join us for a bipartisan panel discussion with Illinois state legislators to find out what our legislators are doing to bring Illinois out of this funk. The panel will feature Senator Matt Murphy, Senator Susan Garrett, Representative Elaine Nekritz, and Representative Patti Bellock. Registration for this event is now open!

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