Green Weenie Loses Enviro-Wacko Mind

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a tale of geenism gone wild, a man in Toronto went into a rage over his next door neighbor’s trash bin. This high priest of greenism was at his greenwits end because the woman dared to improperly sort her pop cans from her regular trash.

This loony greenie went into a rage of righteous indignation and began assaulting the poor woman until the police had to be called to remove the enviro-religionist from the premises.

Good thing greenies think humans are all evil creatures that need to be wiped off the face of mother earth. After all, if this man’s religion respected humans he might be found in violation of his beliefs.

So an “A” for effort goes to this greewiewacko from Canada. I am sure that every greenie reading this right now is nodding their head in solidarity with this nutcase and agreeing that the woman deserved her pelting.

All hail Gaia.

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