Fox News To Get Front Row Seat in WH Briefing Room

-By Warner Todd Huston

With the too-long-in-coming departure of the despicable Helen Thomas from the White House press room, newsies have been waiting with bated breath to find out who would get the seat she formerly wasted there.

Fox News made its bid, of course, but many assumed that it would never happen. In fact, the leftist group tried to mount a short-lived campaign to seat NPR there instead of Fox.

But amazingly the White House Correspondents Association voted unanimously to give Fox a front row seat. Fox didn’t get Thomas’ former seat, that went to Liz Sidoti of the Associated Press, but Fox did get the front row seat that the AP moved from to take the spot Thomas had.

It is interesting that Liz Sidoti, though, is now in the place Helen Thomas sat. Sidoti is nearly as biased as Thomas, though not nearly as objectionable a person.

In my top ten list of the most left-biased working journalists Helen Thomas was awarded the number one most biased spot, but Sidoti herself also made the list. Sidoti came in at number nine.

So, while that seat won’t have a “journalist” nearly as biased as Thomas, with Sidoti in there it is only marginally less over-the-edge.

In any case, kudos to the White House Correspondents Association for proving that they can be fair and balanced… for a change.

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