Bill Brady Advocates a Path to Citizenship for Illegals

-By Warner Todd Huston

GOP Gubernatorial candidate BIll Brady told the attendees of a Hispanic business leaders at Chicago’s Navy Pier that we need to offer some sort of path to citizenship to the illegal aliens now living in the US.

Brady said that we need more legal immigration because our birth rate isn’t robust enough to keep the country growing.

If we wanna grow as a nation, and as a state we have to realize one of the principles that this nation was founded on and that’s immigration. Ladies and gentlemen the birth rate in this country will not allow us to grow at a rate we need to grow at, and we need to bring real reform to immigration policy and open the doors so we can see a growth rate in this country of four percent or greater. The lack of reform and the lack of immigration in this state and country is crippling our economy and our quality of life.

Brady did not offer any numbers to supplement his feeling that we needed more immigrants but he went on to say that he thinks the U.S. government should implement a policy penalizing illegals while offering them a way to become legal citizens.

In a press release Brady said:

While Bill Brady reaffirmed the need by the federal government to fulfill its obligation to control our borders and to promote legal immigration, Pat Quinn buried his head in the sand.
Why? Because Governor Quinn was rushing to board his taxpayer-funded state plane to campaign in support of a sales tax holiday he’s trumpeting while proposing the largest highest tax increase in Illinois’ history — all at the same time.”

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