(5th District) David Ratowitz marks the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

From the Ratowitz for Congress campaign (5th District)…

U.S. Congressional Candidate, David Ratowitz (IL-5) marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a series of articles based on his experience during the storm and the long recovery.

Chicago, IL, June 24, 2010- Long time transparency and pro-liberty advocate Candidate for U.S. Congress from Illinois’ 5th Congressional District, David Ratowitz marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a series of articles based on his personal experience with the disaster and recovery process. “Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home and business and scattered my family across the country. It took a year and a half just to clean up the mess, and nearly four years to complete claims with private insurers. My claims with government run insurance were never satisfied and five years later, I am one more faceless name in a class action lawsuit,” said Ratowitz today from his Chicago office.

Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Mississippi on August 29th, 2005 as a category 4 hurricane. Katrina devastated the Mississippi and Louisiana coast and damaged the levies protecting New Orleans, resulting in massive flooding of the city. Hurricane Katrina remains the most expensive storm in U. S. history.

“For several months after the storm, I would hear of massive sums of government money spent on ‘recovery’ without ever seeing tangible signs of that spending,” said Ratowitz.

“After Hurricane Katrina I was too involved in putting my own life back in order to pay attention to the government’s role in the recovery. Years later, when I had the time to consider such things, I was shocked by the waste and lack of attention to it,” claimed Ratowitz. “It’s important to tell this story because so many people incorrectly believe that massive government programs will save them; they will not.”

Entrepreneur, Army veteran, and activist David Ratowitz is the Republican challenger for Illinois Congressional District 5 representative. The Ratowitz for Congress campaign platform advocates a limited federal government, across-the-board tax cuts, fiscal discipline, accountability, free markets and individual liberty. Learn more at www.ratowitzforcongress.com.

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