Video: Ignoramus Democrat Says The More we Borrow the Richer we Get

-By Warner Todd Huston

Idiot Pete Stark (D, Calif.) says that the more we borrow as a nation the “richer” we get. You see, says Congressman Stark Raving, that trillions of dollars in debt proves that we are a rich people.

“If YOU’D SHUT UP,” Stark says we might be able to appreciate his genius. And if the guy that was trying to interview Congressman Stake Raving would “Get the fu*k outta here,” maybe we could all have benefited from Congressman Stark Raving’s perspicacity.

Just watch this and see why Democrats can’t be trusted to do… well, anything…

Wow, what a distempered half-wit Representative Stark Raving is.

Sadly, I see nothing to separate Rep. Stark Raving from any other Democrat. This video is pretty prosaic, really. This sort of economic ignorance piled on top of such arrogance is the Democrat Party personified.

A final note to say that this video is a few years old, but Stark’s lunacy is timeless. And as Obama continues to borrow more and more, this video is still relevant.

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