Tony Peraica: Local Flood Relief Assistance

From the office of Cook County Commissinoer Tony Peraica…

I would like to offer my gratitude to Cook County and local municipal officials in the 16th District for their efforts in addressing the massive flooding which occurred over the past weekend.

I am pleased that everyone came together and worked to help county residents, especially the elderly. County employees from the Sheriff’s Department, Office of Homeland Security, and my own staff were on hand to survey damage and provide needed assistance. While this was certainly an unfortunate event, it was heartening to see local officials, neighbors and friends helping one another in this time of need.

Cook County is working with local municipalities to provide assistance to those impacted by the flood. The county is not in a position to provide financial assistance unless the Federal Government declares the impacted areas to be a disaster area. In order for this to occur, data and evidence must be submitted to substantiate the amount of damage caused by the flooding.

Forms are available from our office for individuals to fill out detailing the damage to their home and property. These are to be filled out and returned to the MUNICIPALITY in which they live, and not to the county.

Click here to download the data collection questionnaire form to report property damage.

Click here to send us a note if you have further questions or need further assistance.

You can also contact our district office via phone at 708-345-5838.

Tony Peraica
Cook County Commissioner

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