The Danger of Islam Taking Over the World

-By Warner Todd Huston

In India two Muslim savages cut off their college professor’s hand because they felt one of the questions on an exam he issued was “insulting to Islam.” So-called “honor killings” where Muslims kill their own wives, daughters, and sisters over perceived immodesties or violations of sharia “laws” are on the rise throughout the western world. Soon we may all be faced with these sort of uncivilized outrages every single day.

The reason we are seeing these murderous behaviors spreading is because Muslims are expanding heavily into areas they previously did not often immigrate to. And once there they are breeding in greater numbers than the natives. This short film explains how if current demographics continue, Islam will be the overwhelming majority religion in the world and will wipe out Europe in less than 50 years.

Now, I don’t really give a flying fig about the fate of Europeans per se. As far as I am concerned as a culture(s) they have done little to be worthy of saving over the last hundred years or so — they haven’t done much useful for posterity for well over a hundred years, for sure. But to be replaced by the tyrannical Muslims? Now that is a cruel fate for mankind, indeed. While the Europeans are a simpering group of wretches, at least they aren’t wildly dangerous at this time. Islam, on the other hand… well, there is no more dangerous idea than the tyranny of Islam — now that communism is about gone, anyway.

The message of this video is that the so-called religion of peace is a blight on humanity and we westerners are allowing them to take over without a fight one baby at a time! No wonder Muslims view the west as the “weak horse.” Were I in their shoes I’d feel the same way.

George W. Bush tried hard to make sure that the world understood that he didn’t think we were in a war with all of Islam. Unfortunately, as he was in many things, George W. Bush was wrong. Whether we want a war or not, Islam is at war with all comers and always has been. Islam IS war at its very core. Islam means violence, Islam is a death cult, and Muslims won’t be happy until we are all either dead or forcibly converted to their death cult “religion.”

Wake up western world. You are under attack.

As to the video’s message of spreading Christianity, well I have nothing specifically against that message. It isn’t a priority for this blog, of course, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with spreading Christianity. If that helps beat back this coming wave of murderous, oppressive, in-human Islam, then let ‘er rip.

In any case, we need to wake up.

Now, the only thing I can say that might mitigate this whole issue is that history rarely takes a straight-line course. The more Islam leaks into the west, the more possibility that it will weaken as a result of discovering freedom and individuality. Man’s history is not one of complete takeover by the next strong culture without that strong culture itself being influenced by the subjugated.

There is a small — and I mean small — possibility that Islam will end up having its murderous character bred out of it as the ridiculously called “religion of peace” meets real peace in western democracy.

The upshot is that we have a very small chance of seeing Islam changed by its interaction with the now exclusively western ideas of literacy, democracy, education, science, freedom and liberty.

The tyranny of Islam cannot be held too tightly once western ideas infiltrate it and that is a distinct possibility. Western ideas are very powerful, after all.

But Islam will not go down without a bloody, hateful, dangerous, oppressive fight. The worst of man is wrapped up in that gutter religion and it will be exceedingly hard to breed out its core hate and violence. And with the weak willed west as its opponent Islam won’t see much reason to allow itself to be altered lightly. (As a for instance of this last point, a Muslim spokesman in Australia is railing against his fellows there for allowing a “moderate Islam” to infest his religion.)

Sadly, we may not ever see Islam self-moderating if the west falls to its knees in supplication too quickly for Islam to find enlightenment. Moderate Islam may die stillborn.


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  • Wow. A column worthy of Peter the Hermit.

    It's obvious that we need to strike while we still have a military advantage. Maybe take out Mecca with a thermonuclear strike.

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