Obama's 'Keep Your Doctor' Lies

The Heritage Foundation wants to repeal Obamacare…

Repeal Obamacare from Heritage Action for America on Vimeo.

The Heritage Foundation recently launched a sister organization, Heritage Action for America. Heritage Action is leading a national campaign to repeal Obamacare.

Join the fight to repeal Obamacare with your donation to Heritage Action for America.

As the CEO of Heritage Action, I’d like to take this opportunity to detail our strategy a bit more and explain how you and your fellow Heritage supporters can help us defeat the left.

Three weeks ago, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) filed a discharge petition, a special measure that would force the U.S. House of Representatives to vote again on Obamacare. The petition needs 218 signers to force a re-vote. Already, more than 100 lawmakers have signed on, including Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and others in the GOP leadership, and the momentum continues to build.

Rep. King has publicly attributed much of the momentum behind the petition to our efforts at Heritage Action. We’re working alongside King in a national cooperative effort. And we intend to do everything we can to help him get as many signatures as possible.

We have produced a new advertisement making the case for repeal. With your support, we can run this ad in targeted Congressional districts around the country.

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  • Are you serious with this? This is a load of b.s. What's the "keep your doctor lie"? The USA is not getting universal healthcare - though I wish we were, as the healthcare bill does not go far enough to cover all uninsured and underinsured citizens.

    I have Blue Cross Blue Shield through my employer, and it will remain this way. So I will keep my doctor, thank you very much. Want to make a bet on this?

    Why cry that the sky is falling when it is not?

  • In reply to karbon69:

    You are plainly unaware of how Obamacare will work. Sure you can keep your coverage. But if you want to change your coverage, add or remove people from your coverage, or alter it due to different conditions... guess what? You LOSE your coverage. The way Obamacare works, you see, if there is ANY change in your coverage your employer loses the exemptions. This means that employers will DROP coverage and you will lose you plan. THAT is what Obama wants. He wants you to lose your plan so that you'll have to come begging to the gov't. He wants a communist-style healthcare system and he's said so many, many times. If you have no problem with that goal YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DOCTOR!

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Sorry, don't agree. As per the healthcare bill, the government does not have nor will they have any control under "Obamacare" (as you call it) with regard to my employer/insurance company's open enrollment period every year, where we can make changes to our plan, add dependents, etc.

    Personally I would rather have the government control healthcare than large, for-profit companies. Although I haven't had problems with Blue Cross Blue Shield, I certainly did with Humana, our previous insurance provider, who was big on claims denials, large deductibles, high co-pays, and the like.

    In my opinion healthcare is a right. Everyone should be covered, as they are in Europe.

    Throwing around words like "communist-style" and scary phrases like "YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DOCTOR": whatever, dude.

  • In reply to karbon69:

    Healthcare is in NO way a "right." Saying healthcare is a right makes a mockery of rights. A right is something that you exercise without the approval, need, or assistance of another person. Healthcare, on the other hand, requires other people to participate (doctors, nurses, etc). If you think healthcare is a right, then you are making slaves of healthcare providers who will be obligated to serve your needs no matter what THEY want to do. So, if healthcare is a right, then it should be free, right? If healthcare is a right, then why not make owning a Cadillac a "right"? Why isn't my getting a steak dinner a "right"? In fact, if healthcare becomes a right then anything can be a right by decree of whatever government is in charge and rights will have no real meaning at all if you have your way.

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