Obama Wants to talk Energy... Well, Except for BP Spill

-By Warner Todd Huston

On one hand the administration and its cohorts in the Democrat majority want to use the BP oil spill as an excuse to wildly raise taxes on energy, to instill cap and trade, and to excuse more regulations in order to take control of as much of our national economy as possible, yet on the other hand when he called leaders of both parties together to talk energy Obama forbade any discussion of the BP oil disaster.

Obama obviously wants his cake and wants to eat it, too. He wants to be able to use this “good crisis” — in Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel’s words — to excuse all his attempts to grab more power and raise taxes to further hamper our economic recovery, yet when it’s time to discuss energy he doesn’t want to be bothered with questions about why his administration has failed so miserably to find solutions to the BP spill. Obama contends that the oil spill has nothing to do with energy policy, except when it does, apparently.

During the bipartisan meeting of 20 Senators Obama dismissed any injection of the BP spill into the discussion with a wave of his hand and his usual upturned nose saying, “That’s just your talking point” when Republican Senators brought up the matter.

How Obama thinks he can call senators to a meeting and set the agenda without allowing them to bring up all pertinent points is an arrogance worth commenting upon. Further, that Obama thinks the BP spill doesn’t belong in a discussion on energy policy at the same time he is using the spill as an excuse to raise taxes and push his old pre-spill energy policy ideas is outrageous.

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