Illinois Pension Problems and What to Do About Them, By Bill Zetter

The folks at have a series of articles about the mess that Illinois public employees pensions is in that is must reading. The articles are penned by expert Bill Zetter.

Of course, the pension mess is the single biggest trouble that Illinois (and most other states) face today. It is a ticking time bomb…. heck its a bomb exploding already, albeit in slow motion.

Here is what they’ve posted thus far:

Back To the Pension Future: What Did We Actually Guarantee?

Illinois Pensions: Rob the Poor and Give It to the Rich

If Public Employees Received Raises Equal to Yours There Would Be No Pension Deficit

Teacher Contributes Less for His $130K Pension Than You Do for Your $21K Social Security

Pension Mythology: When The Going Gets Tough, Just Make Stuff Up

Book Review: “Unsustainable” by James MacDougald

The Four Rules of “Too”: The Real Reason Why Illinois Pensions Are in Trouble

As always, there are lots of other great Illinois resources at, as well.

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