Illegals Steal His Trailer, Yet HE Faces Jail?

-By Warner Todd Huston

So, you are an 82-year-old man whose flat bed trailer is being hooked up to a thief’s car right in front of you. Like a dutiful citizen, you call 911 and report the crime happening before your eyes. Like an outraged property owner you yell and scream at the thieves. Like crooks, they pay no heed. So, like a true American, you try to protect your property by firing a few shots at the scum.

This is all as it should be. This is America where we have rights to defend ourselves and our property.

The police later discover the thieves, two illegals from south of the border, and they readily admit that they stole the trailer. The police found them so easily because the property owner actually hit one of the thieves with his hastily delivered pistol shot.

One would think that the case would be closed at this point. After all, this IS America.

Or is it?

Perhaps it isn’t the America it should be because this 82-year-old man is the one that the jackbooted Wheat Ridge, Colorado cops immediately arrested and charged with a crime. Yes, even after the scumbag illegals admitted they were guilty, the cops went stormtrooping over to the old man’s home. Oh, it wasn’t to give him back his rightful property, it was to arrest him for daring to attempt to protect himself and his property with a firearm.

Yes, these automaton cops accosted this old man for daring to observe his Constitutional right to self-defense.

The un-American Jefferson County DA’s office says that the elderly Robert Wallace is now facing “twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first-degree murder.” If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in jail. The guy is 82.

Too bad there isn’t a law that would protect this elderly victim from the anti-American actions of his local government… oh, wait. There IS. We call it the Second Amendment! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. But Jefferson County sure did.

Such is the America liberals have made where a man that is observing his own Constitutionally guaranteed rights is the one that thug cops and county officials come to attack. Such is the America that liberals have made when actual criminals are ignored while elderly men that feared for their lives are harassed. What is this… England?

Now, here is a man who should immediately lose his job. He is Jefferson County DA Scott Storey. This is the government thug attacking this wholly innocent elderly man, a man guilty only of trying to protect himself and his property against illegal aliens with long police records.

Storey is so ignorant that he is defending his office and its actions instead of sensibly dismissing all charges against Wallace immediately and going after the real criminals in this tale.

Please do contact this overbearing, out-of-control public thug at:

Scott Storey
Jefferson county District Attorney’s Office
500 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80401

Naturally, a goose stepper like Storey reuses to give an email address on his county website. We’d HATE to have the lowly people be able to email a public official directly, after all. They have one of those web-based contact forms, the sort you just know no one ever bothers to look at. But if you want to try to contact them this way the address is:

In an America that is good and right, 82-year-old Robert Wallace should be celebrated as a stolid, good citizen, even if he should have killed both the scumbag illegals.

DA Scott Storey, Damacio Torres, and Alvaro Cardona are the criminals who deserve no sympathy here. Robert Wallace is a true American observing his God-given rights to self-protection.

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