(Ill. Congresswoman) Bean's Crime Inc: What Third Way Believes

A multi-part series from the Palatine Tea Party…

Congresswoman Melissa Bean is one of the Honorary Co-Chairs of the Third Way Foundation, formerly known as the Progressive Foundation.

What Third Way Believes:

Progressive politics is at its best when it seeks new and modern ways forward. When we are willing to break out of ideological boxes, we get the best governing solutions and foster a big-tent progressivism that attracts the plurality of Americans who call themselves moderates.*

With our name, we proudly join the tradition of 20th century leaders who held true to core progressive values but also challenged outdated orthodoxies: Theodore Roosevelt, who tamed the fierce capitalism of the Gilded Age; Franklin Roosevelt, the “Great Experimenter;” Lyndon Johnson, who pushed his own party to embrace social justice; and Bill Clinton, who offered a new covenant with the middle class. And today, we are working with President Obama and Congress to ensure that this tradition continues-that reform and new thinking are essential parts of this next progressive era.*

*Datasource provided by thirdway.org


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