(Ill. Congresswoman) Bean's Crime Inc: More On Third Way Does

A multi-part series from the Palatine Tea Party…

(Palatine, Illinois) – Congresswoman Melissa Bean is one of the Honorary Co-Chairs of the Third Way Foundation, formerly known as the Progressive Foundation.

Culture Program

Third Way is designing a 21st century cultural agenda that adheres to progressive principles and resonates with moderate Americans. Our aim is to strengthen American communities and families. We develop fresh policy ideas and messaging that provide common ground approaches on cultural issues like abortion, gay equality, faith, family, guns, crime, and immigration.*

The Economic Program

Third Way is designing a moderate economic agenda and narrative for the 21st century. We are advancing progressive pro-growth ideas to promote American economic vitality and ensure that this country embraces its role in the global economy in ways that benefit all Americans. We believe that the strength of the middle class is the key to economic growth, and we are developing policies to help today’s middle class succeed in a new economic era.*

*Datasource provided by thirdway.org


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