Fake Michigan Tea Party Acting Spoiler for Republicans?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Back in May I posted a report on what seemed to be a fake tea party group circulating petitions in the state of Michigan to get themselves recognized as an official political party.

The group circulating the petition, Progressive Campaigns, Inc., had long-time connections to the Michigan Democrat Party and at that time no one in the various Michigan tea party groups had any knowledge of this new so-called Tea Party petition effort.

Now the Detroit Free Press is reporting that a United Auto Workers union member named Mark Steffek has filed papers with the state announcing that this so-called Tea Party has had a “convention” and is fielding a slate of candidates for the 2010 elections.

One thing is odd about this supposed slate of candidates from this new “Tea Party” political party, though. It appears that the only places that the new party is fielding candidates just happens to be in districts where Republicans just might pick up a seat.

That’s right the only place that this new party is fielding a candidate is where their interference as a fake “tea party” candidate might cause the Republican to lose and the Democrat to retain a seat.

I’m sure this is all just an accident… right?

Obviously this fake Tea Party is a Democrat dirty trick fronted by a union hack organized to defeat insurgent Republicans in a year when the GOP is growing in support. This is proof that Democrats don’t care about what voters want, proof that Democrats don’t much care to win elections legitimately, proof that dirty tricks, lies and subterfuge is Democrat’s stock-and-trade electoral style.

I am hopeful that the voters in these Michigan swing districts will see through the lies come November.

(H/T Marathon Pundit)

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