Chet Zarko, RIP

-By Warner Todd Huston

I really hate to report this, but friend to the blog Chet Zarko of Michigan has suddenly passed away.

I’ve known Chet for a few years now and he was a tireless advocate for small government as well as accountable government in the Wolverine State. Chet gave the Democrats fits up there.

Apparently, Chet had some sort of attack that took his life as he sat home reading on the evening of the 19th. He was missed the next day and was found in his chair, reading material at his feet.

Chet was only 39 but was full of life every time I ever met him. His sense of humor was infectious and every room he entered was filled with mirth and cheer.

Chetly Zarko will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace, Chet. I’m glad I knew you.

Here’s the notice at Michigan’s Mackinac Center.

Here is an interview with Chet not long ago:

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