Bought and Paid For Gov. Finds Doing Right Thing Hard

-By Warner Todd Huston

The unions in New York have the idea that they own state government. It’s not too easy to deny their claim seeing as how unions (all of them) have been paying the bills and filling the pockets of ruling Democrats for decades now.

But Accidental Governor of New York David Paterson is finding himself in a quandary, one that more and more politicians are finding themselves in these days. These pols are finding that doing the right thing is hard when all your financial backers don’t want you to do the right thing at all.

Like most deep blue states, New York is about bankrupt without having to say it out loud. Its financial responsibilities far out pace its treasury. From state pensions, welfare, Medicaid and healthcare, to the simple day-to-day operations of operating a government, New York State is unable to pay its way.

New York spends an astonishing $4,328 per second which amounts to $10,983,333,333 per month. It is estimated that New York will face a $14.6 billion shortfall for the 2012 budget.

So, Gov. Paterson has tried one of the sure ways to cut the budget: cut the luxurious salaries and benefits that go undeserved to public employee unions.

But Paterson has a problem. His decades of pandering to them, his years of making promises to pad their wallets, his long time efforts to steal everything he can for unions is coming back to haunt him.

You see, unions don’t want him to do the right thing and cut their undeserved riches courtesy of the taxpayers. They want more and more still. And because of their greed and their complete lack of concern about what is good for the people of the state of New York, they are fighting their one-time pocketed pol tooth and nail.

Unions are demanding that Paterson stop trying to cut back on their riches.

One union hack, Kenneth Brynien, president of the Public Employees Federation, really threw himself and his fellows a pity party saying, “It is unconscionable for the governor to continue scapegoating state employees and their families for the fiscal crisis or use them as pawns in his negotiations with the Legislature.”

Oh, those poor, guiltless union members!

The fact is that the exorbitant pay scale and benefits pushed through by pocketed politicians that is one of the root causes of the budgetary collapse in nearly every state in the union. The unions haven’t a legitimate leg to stand upon in the minds of the voters that can justify their whining. As their wages and pensions continue to grow richer with every new paid pol they put in office, the rest of use find our standard of living falling.

We, the voters of the United States of America, are the patsy for the union’s extortion.

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