A Major Logical Flaw in Zombies

-By Warner Todd Huston

OK, you zombie movie fans, I have a question that reveals a logical flaw in zombies.

But first some points: zombies are putrid and falling apart, right? They don’t heal they just putrefy, right? Also, uncooked human skin is very rubbery and hard to bite off the bone easily, right? (take my word for it, it is) You need a good strong set of chompers to rip raw human flesh from the body.

OK, then, with that in mind how can zombies eat raw human flesh? If the rest of their bodies are falling apart how can they keep their teeth in their head long enough to tear human flesh apart? Wouldn’t their teeth be falling out and putrefying like the rest of their bodies?

It’s a logical flaw that ruins zombies for ME, anyway. Maybe I just ruined them for you, too.

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