(10th District) Robert Dold Radio Spot

Robert Dold is running to replace Mark Kirk who resigned his 10th District seat to run for Senate.

Dold’s calling himself a “social moderate.” I shudder hearing that. But he is running in a trending liberal district and that is how Kirk had to sell himself, too (and in Kirk’s case he more than a “social moderate.” He’s nearly a straight out liberal).

Anyway, Dold has a new radio spot…

Here is Dold’s website: www.doldforcongress.com


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  • This is priceless ...

    "Dold's calling himself a "social moderate." I shudder hearing that. But he is running in a trending liberal district and that is how Kirk had to sell himself, too"

    Of course ... if a conservative runs in a liberal district he should lie and "sell himself" as a moderate, even though that claim is far from the truth.

    Dold is no moderate. And now that he's running for Senate, Kirk's lies about being a moderate (as well as his lies about his military record or nursery school playgroup experience) are being exposed.

    Although I disagree with almost everything you post here, Publius, I appreciate your honesty about how Republicans will mislead voters in order to get elected.

  • In reply to CrazyLiberal:

    I'd rather they not lie to "sell themselves" at all. But then, Democrats call themselves Americans and THAT one sure is a hoot. Still, Mark Kirk sold himself exactly how he is. A liberal that sometimes votes with the GOP. And ONLY sometimes at that. He's a 45 percenter as far as I am concerned. I see no lies in his sales pitch (well, aside from his military record)!

    Me, I find the most amusing claim from Democrats is when some of them call themselves "conservative Democrats." That one is too darn funny. There is NO such thing as a "conservative" Democrat. There are left-wing, Euro-like Democrats and then there's the ones that lie and pretend they are conservative but really are just like the rest of them.

    This Obamacare vote proved that. The Democrats that claim they "care" about life, the Democrats that claimed they are "fiscally conservative".... ALL of them went wildly to the socialist left for Obamacare.

    Yes, there are no "Scoop" Jacksons or even JFKs left on the extremist, left side of the aisle. Just democratic-socialists like their European mentors.

    Sad that they've thrown away over 200 years of Americanism for that.

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