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No Bias Zone: 'Journalist' Calls Tea Parties 'Right-Wing Bloodfeasts'

-By Warner Todd Huston One of my early blogging assignments was the media bias beat over at Newsbusters, so I became particularly attuned to picking up on how the Old Media toes that “unbiased” journalistic line. Unfortunately, in sometimes subtle ways their rhetoric is geared to smear Republicans in any way possible. Here is a... Read more »

NY Carpenters Union Boss Pleads Guilty to Racketeering

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember the good old days? Remember the days when union thugs were just normal, everyday, criminals, creeps, and crooks? Well, they still are, at least in some corners of uniondom. After years of fighting criminal charges, the former head of the union that represents carpenters in New York City pleaded guilty... Read more »

Schwarzenegger Again Orders Furloughs for State Workers

-By Warner Todd Huston California has been ground zero in the war between over paid state employees unions and government budgetary concerns and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has leveled yet another salvo in that battle by again ordering more furloughs for state workers. After ending the previous program to furlough 200,000 state workers the Governor has... Read more »

Bill Brady: Less Than 100 Days 'Til Election Day

From the Bill Brady for Governor campaign… With less than 100 days before election day… this week marked a turning point in Bill’s campaign to make state government live within its means – just like families and small businesses do every day. Earlier this week, the same state budget bureaucrat who received a $24,000 pay... Read more »

Joel Pollak: Jan Schakowsky Says Charles Rangel is 'My Leader'

From the Pollak for Congress campaign (9th District)… NILES, IL- A newly discovered YouTube video reveals the close ties between Jan Schakowsky and Charles Rangel, chair of the House Ways & Means Committee, who is currently facing serious ethics charges. The video was uploaded by the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NLBCA) on March... Read more »

I'll Be on Chicago's WGN Radio on Saturday Morning, 11AM

-By Warner Todd Huston In connection with my Publius Forum site, I have once again been asked to appear at the WGN radio studios in downtown Chicago Saturday morning, July 31. Hitting the airwaves at about 11AM, I’ll be again meeting hosts Alex Quigley and Amy Guth for a half hour of politics talk.... Read more »

Heartland Institute Luncheon: This Recession Caused By Over-Regulation Not Market Failure

-By Warner Todd Huston I just returned from a nice little luncheon given by the Heartland Institute ( in beautiful downtown Chicago, Illinois. The purpose of the gathering of free-market supporters and like-minded individuals was to celebrate the life’s work of famed economist and Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman. The principal speaker was Richard H.... Read more »

Town Hall Meeting on Local Flooding: 10 a.m. Sat., La Grange Village Hall

From the office of Tony Peraica, Cook County Commissioner… You are invited to join me tomorrow for a town hall meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. at LaGrange Village Hall to discuss local village flooding and local governmental efforts to provide relief to local residents and families. WHEN: Tomorrow, Saturday, July 31, 2010 — 10 a.m.... Read more »

Daily Kos Editor Says Global Warming Skeptics Should Commit Suicide

-By Warner Todd Huston This is how the left treats those with whom they disagree, folks. Daily Kos contributing editor and writer Steven Andrew has suggested that anyone that disagrees with the globaloney of global warming should commit suicide in a “Soylent Green world.” In his examiner column headlined, “Studies Show Dramatic Decrease in... Read more »

Chuck Todd: Embarrassed By JournoList or Not?

-By Warner Todd Huston Today two stories have recently appeared reporting NBC Political Director Chuck Todd’s reaction to the revelations of the JournoList, that website were avowed left-wing journalists congregated to talk about their profession and plot to foster a left-wing agenda in their work in the media. Todd was reported to have found the... Read more »