TeaPartyHD's live coverage from Nevada and the race to defeat Harry Reid

Tune in to TeaPartyHD.com this evening at 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern for live coverage of election results from Sharron Angle’s campaign election night HQ in Las Vegas. We’ll have updates on the numbers as the returns come in, interviews with folks in attendance, general punditry and a conservatively based good time.

Hosting the event will be Tony Loiacono from TeaPartyHD.com and Eric Odom from 73Wire.com. Word is that both Steve Foley from The Minority Report Blog and Tea Party Express will also make appearances … maybe several!!

This senatorial race is one of the most closely followed and watched races in the country this cycle and TeaPartyHD will be bringing you live coverage from the grassroots perspective. To watch, just point your browser to TeaPartyHD and click on the link to the broadcast. Join us at 7PM Pacific, when the polls close – and please tell 500 of your closest friends to watch as well.

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